Friday, May 13, 2016

60 Gallon Tank

Last weekend, I got the 60 gallon tank ready for the hermit crabs to move.  I waited until they both surfaced and over they went. 

immediately (same day) buried himself and Tiny has been burying but resurfacing to drink a ton of salt water.  I have to replenish it pretty much every day.  I am keeping a watch on them, checking each day to make sure the humidity and heat are staying at the recommended levels and making sure there is a fresh supply of food and both salt and fresh water in their bowls.  I hope they are enjoying their new home. They have a ton of new space to roam.  When I see that they are both active again, I will try to come up with some second level contraptions they can climb on.
Side Note: Tiny has changed from her original shell into the green smooth chipped shell. This seems to be a comfortable shell for the hermits since there is always someone occupying it at any given time.

Right now I have a coconut fiber wall with a couple of plastic climbing branches secured together to give them something to climb on.