Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Photo of Hermie

A Photo of Tiny

Hermie-Up From Molt

As I went to check on the hermit crabs yesterday, I noticed that Hermie had surfaced and was inside of the crabby hut.  I picked him up to say hello and check him over to make sure that he appeared alright and after excitedly showing him to the hubby, who remarked on how large he has become, I placed him back inside of the crabitat and refilled the salt water dish.  

Today, during my morning routine of checking on the temp and humidity, I took note that Hermie had changed shells and reburied.

Tiny has remained buried, although, I have noticed quite a few "tunnels" throughout the tank, so either she or both of the crabs are coming up for the salt water and then going back down because lately, the dish is near empty every time I check it.